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Chindogu workshop

On April 15, 2011, Cindy van den Bremen gave a workshop on the art of Chindogu. Chindogu is the statement invented by Kenji Kawakami as an answer to consumerism with un-useless designs. The first photo is part of the inspirational products. These pieces are real Japanese products which appear to be funny to us.

This resulted into some sketches of products which scavenge energy from everyday situations. The first one is a citrus juicer where the energy is taken from the lemon to be juiced by means of a copper and zinc electrode. This was further developed in a toilet roll holder with a bicycle dynamo. The use of the energy is left to the needs of the user, so there is an open socket to charge anything. A pictographics mobile phone representation indicates the purpose of the open socket.

A further development was an indicator for the cheek to make clear that a person is eating, and is not able to answer a question. This anticipates for the situation where some prople always manage to ask a question, exactly when a bite is taken.