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Industrial Design

From October 2009 until February 2013, I worked at the department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology as an assistant professor. This was done in the field of modelling and sensor technology in the Designed Intelligence group. At that time, I exposed the following design identity:

I will try to describe how I operate in the environment of Industrial Design and where this identity comes from. Leisure and work can not be decoupled in a personality or identity: my inspiration comes from most topics addressed on this website. Nevertheless, on this page I will strongly build upon foundations in the professional fields of science, engineering and design. Who I am can not be explained by the things I have done, but is better sketched by what inspires me. Although they are not referred in the text, here are some references that are for me the constructs of my identity.

Primarily, I would describe my identity as an observer. With this, I mean that I observe the world and my daily life to find patterns, structures and models. My personal reward and pleasure comes first from the beauty of the structures, and secondly from the process of transferring or documenting my models and insights. Observing, in my case, is filtered by irony, relativism and abstraction.
This has a sense of perfection, were the search for perfection is my drive. The perfection in many elements around us makes me feel complete. This can be the perfection in a designed object, in music, in humor, in an animal like a penguin, in the Maxwell equations, in electronics or in phenomena like light and electrochemistry.

The application area is in the field of sensory systems in a broad sense. The human senses deliver the clues for awareness and consciousness, just like technical sensors make products intelligent and interactive. I see a tension between human senses and physical sensors, but also a means to understand reasoning and facts. It is an extremely interesting and complex field on the boundary between a hardware substrate (sensors or system) and the meaning or function (consciousness and behavior).

Learning has a crucial role for me. Not only in learning myself, but also in teaching. Designing has a link to learning in agreement with the link between hardware and meaning in the previous paragraph. I learn mainly by understanding: learning by training goes too slow for me. In learning, place and time are irrelevant. Hardware is needed to embody the learning outcome. I normally learn from the tension between planned versus impulsive working, or the intuitive approach versus scientific reasoning. My way of teaching is to observe the autonomous attitude of students, while empowering them where needed.

DI group, Strategy Days Milano, May 2010

DI group, Strategy Days Epen, April 2012

Lucid study trip Milano, April 2012

Lucid study trip Gent, June 30, 2011 - SMAK museum

Coach training, September 2011 (left) and November 2012 (right)

PrankTron, November 2011 (left) and Lecture "Music and Form" at UxCamp, October 6, 2012 (right)

2nd ID lustrum, April 25, 2011