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EPROM Programmer

A very simple programmer was made for programming Flash EPROMs, EPROMs and microcontrollers with ROM.


The programmer can be connected to an I2C bus or a printer port to send and read bytes. Three control lines are used and four data lines. Together they access two 8243 multiplexers which are connected to the pins of the programming socket. In addition, two pins can be set to 12.5V for programming or retrieving the identification code. The schematic is free for download. If you plan to use the printer port, you can omit the PCF8574 and there are only two main IC’s involved.

Normally I need extra sockets to connect specific programmable hardware. In addition, I have a special socket with a 62256 RAM including a battery. This is very convenient to program and erase a memory quickly.


The first software was written in Turbo Vision, later on I made a Windows program and modules under LabView. I Do not plan to distribute the software. The software works only if you exactly copy the schematic. Probably everybody will modify the electronic implementation to meet his own requirements.