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Developing and controlling electronics on a Mac

In the past, I used a PC to develop electronic circuits. First DOS and later some versions of Windows. In some cases, these circuits communicated with a PC, or were controlled by a PC. Once I got my first Mac, the question was whether the circuit design and hardware control can be transferred to the Mac. The boundary condition is that the software should be for free and the hardware must be cheap.

Mac OS-XDOSWindows
Circuit and PCB layout Eagle by Cadsoft Ultiboard & UltiCap v4.50 Student edition Eagle by Cadsoft
Circuit simulator MacSpice with spice.ulp to go from Eagle to Spice MicroCap V, v2.0 Microsim/Orcad Demo version 9
Microcontroller simulator/emulator
Cross Assembler
  • ML-ASM51, 8051 Cross Assembler, MetaLink Corporation, 1996 (can be found on Sixca together with lots of other tools)
  • ASM51, Intel 1996
C-Cross Compiler

So, the original Metalink 8051 assembler is only available for DOS. The only option is to run the assembler in a DOSbox. The alternative is to write everything in C using SDCC