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King penguins

Sea World, Orlando

Visited on October 20, 1994 and May 18, 19 2007. The pictures are from 1994. King penguins together with Gentoo penguins.

Sea World, San Diego

Visited on May 7, 2002. In the front some Adelie penguins, in the back some King penguins.

Zoo Berlin

Visited on May 21, 2006. In one area with Cape and Rockhopper penguins.

Detroit Zoo

Visited on 15 April 2007. Four kinds of penguins in the Penguinarium: Little, Rockhoppers, Macaroni and these King penguins.

Central Perk Zoo, New York

Visited on March 8, 2011. King penguins are here together with Gentoo penguins and Chinstrap penguins.

Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam

Visited on 19 April 2009. King penguins live together with Gentoo penguins in a conditioned room. African penguins have an outside cage.

Antwerpen Zoo

Visited on 26 February 2013. King penguins live together with Macaroni penguins and Gentoo penguins in a conditioned room. Humboldt penguins have an outside cage, but this will be moved to Planckendeal after the first quartile of 2013.