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The order of Spheniscoformes
Genus Species Sub-species
Subgroup 1:
jackass, Spheniscus
Humboldt (Peruvian penguin, S. humboldti)
African (Cape, Jackass, African, Black footed, S. demersus)
Galapagos (S. mendiculus)
Magellanic (S. magellanicus)
Little (E. minor) Fairy penguin (E.m. novaehollandiae)
Northern blue (E.m. iredalei)
Cook strait blue (E.m. variabilis)
White-flippered (E.m. albosignata)
Southern blue (E.m. minor)
Chatham Island blue (E.m. Chathamensis)
Yellow-eyed (M. antipodes)
Crested, Eudyptes
Erect-crested (E. sclateri)
Rockhopper (E. chrysocome) short-tufted (E.c. chrysocome)
long-tufted (E.c. moseleyi)
(E.c. filholi)
Fjordland-crested (Thick-billed, E. pachyrynchus)
Snares Island (Snares-crested, E. robustus)
Macaroni (E. chrysolophus)
Royal (E. schlegeli)
Subgroup 2:
Brush-tailed, Pygoscelis
Gentoo (P. papua) (P.p. papua)
(P.p. ellsworthi)
Adelie (P. adiliae)
Chinstrap (Ringed, P. antarctica)
Regal, Aptenodyptes
Emperor (A. forsteri)
King (A. patagonica) (A.p. patagonicus)
(A.p. halli)