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Excellent horse-back riding can be done from the Malealea lodge in Lesotho. Thanks to WildLife Adventures.

A multiple-day tour through a gorge and traditional villages.

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South Africa

Boulders beach and Robben isle, not that far from Cape Towm. This is the jail of Nelson Mandela. For the penguins, see also the Cape penguins on the penguin pages.

July 2006

De Hoop National Reserve

July 2006

Kruger Park

August 2006

Blyde River Canyon with the three "rondavels".

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The pictures are: view from St. Marie, a baobab tree while driving to Ifaty, sifaka's, the common brown lemur, Piscine Naturelle in Isalo National Parc and a whale tale close to St. Marie. Below is the harbour of Morondava in July 2016. See also the page with pictures

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August 2010

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