Nesting box with video camera

I have a nesting box for great tits (Dutch: “koolmees”, Lat. "Parus Major"). Just below the roof there is a small camera. These cameras have the advantage that you can see in the dark when using infra-red illumination. As far as I have understood, birds can not see infra-red light. So, with some optimization of a regular IP-cam, you can monitor the birds at night. The second generation of the birds cages, which included internet functionality, resulted in a 24-hour observation of a nest in 2015. The nest is off-line right now.

Some insights

There was no nest in 2015, but the activity has been monitored with a camera. In 2016 there was a nest. This gave the opportunity to analyze the data and see the visiting pattern.

Reports on the activities in the nest per year

2002 One nest where all the chicks died
2003 No nest
2004 Eight eggs and finally seven young birds
2005 No nest
2006 Moved to another house, bird's cage left behind
2014 Finalized new birdcage in December
2015 No nest
2016 Yes, there is a nest