March 27

Already quite a while there is a bird sitting in the house. He or she came there every evening during winter. At a certain time, a nest was built.

April 17

More and more nest material was collected. I didn't pay any attention until April 17 when there were suddenly eight eggs. As far as I know these were not in the nest two days before when I checked for the last time. So, unlike what happened back in 2002 (one egg per day) it appears that all the eggs are produced within one single day! Another option is that the birds covered the eggs very well during the past days.

April 29

Two out of eight birds have hatched out of their eggs. The feeding started directly.

April 30

Now six eggs are hatched. The bright yellow circles in the nest are the bills of the small birds, opened widely to ask for food.

May 1

Seven out of eight eggs are hatched.

May 2

May 3

May 6

Since yesterday the chicks can be heard outside the nesting box.

May 10

The chicks have clear feathers now.

May 17

The last day in the nest. The birds can almost flitter to the opening in the box. Feeding is sometimes done from outside the house. In the bottom left picture we can see seven chicks and one mom or dad.

May 18

At 8:15 all birds were seen in the nest for the last time. Around noon only one was left. This last one was helped to leave the nest and found his parents soon. In the nest there was only the eigth egg left.

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