Centre of Eindhoven

As of 2017, I live on the Wilhelminaplein. This building used to be a scool (HBS, Gemeentelijk Lyceum) and was built in 1905. It can be found on old cards on the website of Eindhoven in Beeld.

August 2017 and about 1910 (Eindhoven in Beeld)

It is located close to the address Kleine Berg 33 what used to be the butchery of my grand-uncle Gerrit Bannenberg (the man with the hat: Eindhoven in Beeld), Currently it is a comic store.

1930 (source: Eindhoven in Beeld), and 2017

The brothers Bannenberg are on the picture below from 1929. From the left to the right: Pierre, Willem (was a director of the Coberco factory), Gerrit (butchers store Eindhoven), Rudolf (my granddad, butchery Amsterdam), Hein and Jan. Gerrit bought the butchery at the Kleine Berg from his brother in law Co Herkes in 1924.


This is the view from the attic of my former house in the centre of Eindhoven. Facing south one can see the St. Joris church and in the front the Stuiverstraat.

September 2000 and summer 2002

In the north-west direction there is the Catharina church, our sky-scraper the Regent and the Paters church. The first row of houses are along the Tonglrese straat.

In 2006, I moved to Stratum in Eindhoven. Here is the Gerarduschurch that is in front of the house.

Summer 2006 and Februari 2007 Top


Picture of Big Ben taken December 2003, National History Museum September 2005

Below is the Hyde Park Court Hotel, the Peter Pan monument in Hyde Park, the Shaftesbury Theatre, Camden Market, and the statue in the White Goat District.

2-6 May 2018

And here is a view on a market close to Brick Lane.

7 July 2019 Top


I was lucky to visit Cambridge not as a tourist, but as a student. Inside the wonderful buildings of for example King’s College, Trinity College and St. John’s College (see below) there is the rich history of the University of Cambridge. Nowadays, the institutes are still important in science and the life of the students is big fun due to the inspiring environment.

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The cliffs of Dover

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Brighton not only has the pier, but also the Royal Pavillion.

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In Bristol search for the streetart of Banksy.....

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Not only for Beatle fans.

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Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is a very special construction to overcome a height difference in the northern Britisch canals.

24 July 2019 Top

Snowdonia, Wales

Snowdonia is a national park in Wales.

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Argyl, Scotland

This is Scalpsie Bay on Bute, together with Cowal one of the highlights of Argyl.

May/June 2004 Top

Edinburg, Schotland

Edinburg is great, especially the Edinburg Zoo.

July 2019 Top

Northern Ireland

Despite some residues of the frightening history of Northern Ireland, Belfast is now a very nice place to be. The other picture is of the Dunluce Caste on the Northern Coast.

August/September 2009 Top


A beautiful country. The first picture is of the country of Galway. Galway itself is a very nice city, much more cosy than Dublin. The second one is of a place on the Southern-West Atlantic coast, close to the Dursey Island. It can be found from the Ring of Beara. When driving from Galway to the South, one can find the Cliffs of Moher, as shown in the last two pictures.

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Picture taken: March 2006

Groot Begijnhof and the Arenberg Castle as shown on the picture.

Picture taken: May 2006


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Picture taken August 2004

A weird phenomenon in France: the highest dune you can imagine: "Dune du Pyla" in the Bay of Arcachon.

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Besides famous buildings and plaza's, Venice is especially interesting for the alleys with restaurants and artist workshops which are less common.

August 2002

In the lake district in the north of Italy, one can find the Lago Di Annone

And a city in the direction of Torino.

Visited July 2006 Top


The Ordesa national park in the Spanish Pyrenees. The Picture taken in Torla, from which you enter the Ordesa national park.

August 2004

The huge Cabarcenico zoo close to Santander in Cantabria shows animals in an old mining region. See here the white rhino's.

August 2004

Just a house as can be seen from the amazing road from the coast to Potes, Cantabria.

August 2004

Barcelona with its intersting houses and the Park Güell.

August 2013

At the botanical Gardens in Blanes, and at the right the Theater Museum of Dalí in Figueres.

August 2013 Top

Valencia has the old town and the surrealistic new area of the Ciutat de les Artes i les Ciències close to the beach.

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Lisbon, with the LX-Factory.

October 2015 Top

Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

The Tatra mountains are located at the border between Poland and Slovakia. After visiting the Alps in Austria and Switzerland for years, it is great to discover new areas where you can walk and be on a camping site in beautiful landscapes.

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Very commercial, but nice to visit anyway, is the lake of Bled. The mountains are the Julian Alps, completing the views on lakes and green forests.

August 2002

The Lipica Stud Farm, and the Postojna Caves were visited in August 2011.



Visited in July 1990, when it was still Yugoslavia, and in August 2011. The first pictures are from Istria. The village Rovinj with it's shallow streets, and the Roman arena in Pula.

August 2011

The other pictures are taken in the Plitvice lakes park in the region of Dalmatia.

August 2011 Top


The first picture is a view from Zoo Berlin, see also the penguin pages. The second picture is a view from a river cruise.

Visited May 2006 (first picture), September 2006, March 2008 and June 2019 (second picture)

The AEG factory in Berlin, currently the Fraunhofer research institute.

September 2006

Dresden and the Dresden zoo.

Dresden Dresden Mus
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Visited May 2006


Krakow Krakow Pawel
Visited May 2010

Bieszczady, this is a house in Baligród, and a church in the Bieszczady mountains.

Baligrod ChurchBieszczadyMountains
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Copenhagen, Denmark


July 2007 Top


The old houses in the harbour of Bergen (called Bryggen) are known from every jigsaw and postcard. The area close to the aquarium is in a similar style.

Following the 520 from Sauda to Røldal we can see a desolated landscape like this.

An absolute highlight is an elk-safari in the neighbourhood of Trøgstad.

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Visited June 2006 and July 2007


Visited June 2006, January 2007 and September 2016

Rovaniemi and the arctic cicle

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Visited July 2007


Visited July 2007


Picture taken July 2007 Top

Tallinn, Estonia

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See also the photo pages.

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